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Cherished Traditions Return: ‘ICE’ at Gaylord Palms Presents A Charlie Brown Christmas

by 321 Happy Hour

Embrace the Holiday Spirit with 2 Million Pounds of Ice Artistry and Vibrant Peanuts Creations.

The Gaylord ICE tradition is back and better than ever! Experience the Magic of ‘ICE’ at Gaylord Palms Resort This Christmas!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the heartwarming world of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as Gaylord Palms Resort brings back its beloved holiday tradition, “ICE.” Beginning November 17, you can stroll through a winter wonderland filled with stunning ice sculptures of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, and many more of your favorite Peanuts characters, all intricately carved from an astonishing 2 million pounds of ice.

Maintaining the icy wonderland at a chilly 9 degrees is no easy feat. Talented Chinese carvers, armed with chainsaws, chisels, tongs, and handsaws, fly into Central Florida to create this enchanting display. Using special food colorings mixed by a skilled chemist, the artists bring the characters to life with colored ice and vibrant LED lights over four weeks of meticulous work.

Beyond the enchanting sculptures, you can enjoy a thrilling ride down two-story-tall ice slides and witness live sculpting demonstrations at Carver’s Showcase. The experience culminates in a breathtaking Nativity scene, carefully carved from crystal-clear ice.

Don’t worry about staying warm; guests are provided with a complimentary Gaylord Palms’ signature blue parka. “ICE!” is just one of the many holiday traditions awaiting you at Gaylord Palms Resort this season. Come and create cherished memories with your loved ones in this unforgettable wonderland!

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