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Discover Lakoona Beach: Melbourne’s Premier Multi-Use Development Project

by 321 Happy Hour

A transformative project that promises to bring the allure of white-sand beaches closer to home.

Experience the epitome of luxury living and entertainment at Lakoona Beach, a one-of-a-kind development in Melbourne. This exceptional project will feature Class A residential housing units, retail outlets, tantalizing restaurants, and entertainment venues, all meticulously designed around the breathtaking Crystal Lagoons and its pristine beaches. With both public access and exclusive amenities for residents, Lakoona Beach promises an unparalleled living experience.

Catering to the needs of Melbourne’s growing workforce and offering a delightful escape for residents and travelers, this visionary endeavor sets new standards for upscale living and entertainment in the area. From fun-filled family water play areas to sophisticated retail and entertainment options.

Conveniently situated between NASA and Hibiscus Boulevards on the south side of the airport terminal, this prime land parcel caught the attention of airport officials due to its current underutilization and lack of interest from other buyers. Although the sale still awaits approval from the city council and the Federal Aviation Administration, the project has garnered a mixture of opinions among residents.

The Crystal Lagoons technology, which lies at the heart of this development, brings a unique, patented, and eco-friendly approach to maintain the lagoon’s mesmerizing blue hue all year round. By harnessing the power of Crystal Lagoons, Lakoona Beach promotes sustainability while delivering a remarkable aquatic experience. With up to 100 times fewer chemicals and a mere two percent of the energy consumption compared to conventional swimming pools, this revolutionary technology boasts numerous environmental advantages. Moreover, it utilizes a fraction of the water needed by a typical golf course or natural park of similar size, thanks to rainwater capture and evaporation offset measures. The water within the system is treated in a closed loop, ensuring no release into the surrounding environment.

Experience the enchantment of Lakoona Beach, where elegance, entertainment, and ecological consciousness unite seamlessly. Discover a new standard of living in Melbourne, as the allure of Crystal Lagoons awaits you.

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