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Mural Monday ~ Mando Marie Gould Alley in the EGAD

by 321 Happy Hour

Exploring the Multifaceted Techniques of Stencilist Mando Marie

Discover the captivating mural known as Gould Alley, a breathtaking creation by the talented artist Amanda Marie, also known as Mando Marie. Located on the east-facing wall of the Gould Business Centre at 587 W Eau Gallie Blvd, this stunning masterpiece was brought to life during the esteemed Anti-Gravity Project Festival in the vibrant Eau Gallie Arts District. As you drive west from the Eau Gallie Causeway, you’ll catch a glimpse of this mural peering above the surrounding buildings.

The Eau Gallie Arts District has transformed into a genuine outdoor art museum, thanks to the provocative murals and sculptures that adorn its streets. Mando Marie, an American painter and Stencilist, has left her memorable mark with her creations. While she creates small works on paper and larger canvases for indoor exhibitions, her passion for painting also extends to large-scale murals in outdoor, urban, and garden settings.

Mando Marie’s artistic process is a testament to her versatility and skill. She employs a combination of mediums and techniques in her work, blending screen printing, wheat pasting, hand-cut stencils, and spray painting. The addition of acrylic paint applied by brush and splatter techniques adds depth and complexity to each piece.

What sets Mando Marie apart is her ability to bridge the gap between the Street Art world and the fine art crowd. Her work captivates a wide range of audiences, earning her respect and admiration from both realms.

As you explore the Eau Gallie Arts District, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the larger-than-life fusion of street art in this interesting mural. It’s a testament to the district’s vibrant art scene and the immense creativity that thrives within its boundaries.


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