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Revitalizing Merritt Square Mall: A Vision for the Future

by 321 Happy Hour

Situated along the prominent 520 Corridor on Merritt Island, Merritt Square Mall holds immense potential as a prime commercial location with high visibility. However, changing purchasing patterns and the impact of the pandemic have left this aging shopping center in need of attention. Collaborating with local authorities and design consultants, the Merritt Island Redevelopment Agency (MIRA) is working on transforming the mall and its surrounding properties. This blog post explores the vision for rejuvenating Merritt Square Mall into a modern, pedestrian-friendly destination, positioned as the thriving heart of tomorrow’s marketplace.

Constructed 50 years ago, Merritt Square Mall is showing signs of age, lacking proper landscaping in its sprawling parking area and featuring outdated buildings. Despite these challenges, the mall benefits from its strategic location, attracting traffic, residents, and tourists. Previous MIRA redevelopment projects, such as the 520 Corridor Beautification, Veterans Memorial Park, and the Lakes at Veterans Memorial Park, have already enhanced the overall appeal of the area.

The concept plans present an exciting vision for Merritt Square Mall’s transformation. They explore possibilities such as realigning or creating new streets and developing an outdoor-oriented pedestrian mall concept. This approach aims to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages visitors to explore, shop, and enjoy their time outdoors. By reimagining the mall’s layout and incorporating appealing landscaping, the goal is to rejuvenate the property and make it more attractive to both visitors and potential investors.

The projects outlined in the MIRA Plan, including the revitalization of Merritt Square Mall, are currently under review by the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners. Their support and collaboration are vital to bring the vision to life. By working together, Brevard County and MIRA can leverage existing infrastructure and public spaces, positioning Merritt Square Mall as a focal point for economic growth and community development.

With the forthcoming addition of the Health First Wellness Village in 2023, Merritt Square Mall and its surrounding properties have the potential to become a thriving marketplace in the future. This expansion will attract new businesses and customers, further revitalizing the area. By embracing modernization, upgrading facilities, and providing an appealing environment, the mall can regain its status as a vibrant destination for residents and visitors alike.

The redevelopment of Merritt Square Mall presents a unique opportunity to transform an aging shopping center into a dynamic, pedestrian-friendly mall. With the support of MIRA, Brevard County, and design consultants, the vision for a revitalized Merritt Square Mall is within reach. By capitalizing on its strategic location, incorporating attractive design elements, and embracing future development plans, the mall can reclaim its position as a key commercial hub, contributing to the economic growth and vibrancy of Merritt Island.

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